The main goal over this sector is to give your employees, tenants, vendors, and visitors the ability to conduct business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a safe and secure location, regardless of what part of town your industrial real estate is located. In addition to making sure the building is secure and access is granted to only those who are supposed to be there, our officers are also trained to observe and report occupational hazards in the workplace.

Industrial Services:

• Access control to the facility ensuring only authorized personnel are permitted on site
• Constant surveillance of the site to ensure the perimeter and buildings remain secure
• Monitor CCTV, fire, & security systems
• Routine patrols of the property to identify security risks, safety hazards, and maintenance issues, such as fire extinguisher checks
• Execution of daily activity reports, incident reports, and other mandated reports per property manager specifications
• Provide escort details and perimeter fence checks as requested by the client
• Review and design security protocol
• Cargo inspection and weight scale